Welcome to DressPresh* by Larissa Kaye.
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My name is Larissa Kaye Ruggeberg, formerly Breshears until I married my best friend & high school sweetheart on my 18th Birthday. We have a slight obsession with having a dog one day & a huge heart for people and our sweet Midwestern town of Springfield. My mother is my role model & best friend, red wine & dark chocolate mousse is my idea of a perfect evening, you can catch me listening to Taylor Swift or Bon Iver on any given day, and Jesus is my reason for living.

Fashion and Style is a huge part of my life and a beautiful form of art that I believe anyone can embrace. DressPresh.com is a place for people who have no idea where to start when they look into their closet or walk in a store. DressPresh.com is a place for the seasoned fashionista to be inspired and collaborate with me! DressPresh.com is where you go for wearable trends, honest beauty product reviews, brands to try, a smile or two, and choosing Fashion as a fun & artistic way of expressing who you are, and what you want to tell the world today. I believe that fun & beautiful fashion is for everyone, and I hope to inspire you to try something new, feel confident in the stellar and beautiful person that you are, and to be kind to others.

Be Presh! ❤

{*Presh is short for Precious, and means Stellar or Awesome. So here at DressPresh.com, my goal is to inspire you to dress & be ‘Presh’ every day in your personal style! 🙂 }

Please see my Contact page for all business inquiries, collaborations, services and more.

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