FAQ From Readers Like You: Fall Edition Part 2

Hello Lovelies! ❤

Kandi: How do you budget to be able to get the most for your wardobe?

This is a question I get asked a lot, & have made a few posts on this topic. My biggest tip I can give you is to figure out which items to splurge on, & which are okay to buy at a lower price. You’ll find that items like a tailored leather skirt, a quality pair of boots, or an iconic bag that fits your style & day-to-day life well, are often worth the investment & are timeless to trends.

Daria: Do you have any tips for taking outfit pictures?

We’ve only been doing this blog for 9 months, & while we’ve learned some awesome tricks, there is so much more for us to learn! The best tip I could give you though, is to try lots of different poses, & see which ones tend to come off as naturally you as possible! 🙂 Never be afraid to laugh when shooting! Serious & dull modeling is overrated, so be sure to allow the real you to show through your photos & outfits!

View More: http://megankelsey.pass.us/larissa-dress-presh

Photo by Megan Kelsey Photography


Brittney B: Are there any outfits for moms?

I have so many mom’s tell me how hard it is to feel motivated to take the time to put together a cute outfit, or that they don’t know how to be “fashionable” & comfortable simultaneously when they’ve got such a busy schedule & kids pulling at them all day. I am here to tell you that throwing on a t shirt, jeans & sneakers is just the same as putting together a complete & stylish look.

Here is my formula…print or patterned piece, 2 solids & then accessorize! (Now while I’m a huge lover of pattern & texture mixing-this is a  basic & nearly fool proof process to start out with!) My best tip is to tell you to really consider dresses or skirts paired with leggings for a full day with family and kids. Dresses & skirts are the simplest pieces to dress up or down with a jacket & great scarf, or tall boots & a slouchy cardigan.

Breanna: What is the best way to build a style & then a budget for clothes?

Let me tell you a secret…just because you buy something on sale, doesn’t mean you got a good deal if you don’t love it and it isn’t something you enjoy wearing! Figuring out what you want out of your wardrobe is the first step. People often ask me how I define my style, & the best way for me to describe it to you is to tell you that 1.if I see something that stands out to me, 2. I love it(and the price), and 3. I can fit it into my daily life-I’m going to buy it! Don’t let anyone tell you that something “isn’t your style”…If you love it-wear it! My style tends to be more of a bold, edgy, and feminine vibe, because I love pieces that have great texture or beautiful details.

So like I said earlier, you need to figure out-for your lifestyle-what sort of clothing is worth investing in, or what’s wise to buy at a lower or price.

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Carolyn: What is your most go-to item in your wardrobe? Do you have any tips for how to avoid procrastination? And how/when did you became interested in fashion?

1. My most go-to item in my wardrobe tends to be different for every season! My go-to year round item would be my mesh zip up jacket as it can be worn year round and for any occasion! For fall this year, my go-to item is my new over the knee heeled boots!

2. As far as procrastination while working goes, make sure any t.v. isn’t within watching distance! Haha Or at least that’s what it’s come to for me. I do have a record player near my work area so I can still be entertained and enjoy some tunes while being able to get my tasks accomplished at the same time!

3. I was all-out Tomboy in my grade school years, all the way up until my senior year in high school…so fashion wasn’t my thing growing up. I really became interested in the industry when we started working on the student-held hair & fashion show while I was a student at Paul Mitchell the School Springfield in 2012. I realized in that process how much I loved working on projects and shows. It wasn’t until I started my job as a wardrobe stylist at Ann Taylor that I really discovered my passion for style.

Ashley B: What inspired you to start your own blog & did anyone help you get it started?

Running a blog has actually always been something I’ve had in the back of my mind as something that interested me. As I became more and more interested in makeup & fashion, people would ask me if I had a blog or a website they could see my tips on, or where I shared my outfit details. That with the combination of being inspired by my friend and incredible photographer Jordan Henson who began sharing her business and life through blogging, is when I decided that I needed to try it myself!


Photo by Jordan Brittley Photography

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