Early Autumn Style

Hello Lovelies! ❤ If you live in the Midwest or somewhere that’s been experiencing pretty different temperature changes throughout the day, then you understand the frustration of staring into your closet with your arms crossed, wondering what on earth to … Continue reading

Taylor Swift, St.Louis & Raspberry Mocha’s

Hello Lovelies! ❤ On Tuesday, September 29th, I headed to St.Louis with one of my oldest and best friends for a mini vacation and most importantly…to see Taylor Swift in her 1989 World Tour. The first time I saw Taylor … Continue reading

Kansas City Fashion Week 2015

Hello Lovelies! ❤ Kansas City Fashion Week is something I’ve heard about for years, wanted to attend, volunteer, and experience. This year was the year I went for it. I submitted my Media Application and was accepted to attend as a … Continue reading