FAQ from readers like you! <3 Fall Edition

Hello Lovelies!

Photo by Jordan Brittley Photography

Photo by Jordan Brittley Photography

So as some of you may have noticed, I had been advertising my first Blog Video over the past month, answering your fashion, beauty & random questions and planning to announce the winner through that video!

Funny thing…

I figured out inconveniently working hard on this video and getting y’all excited about it that A.The software and technology I have couldn’t support the quality & length of video I had planned on, and B. I hate making videos! I promise to give vlogging another good try at least once in the future, when I have better equipment & technology, and who knows…I may even like it then! 😉 Ain’t it funny how life turns out?

That being said, I will be answering y’alls AMAZING questions though a few separate posts, and the winner will be announced in this post.

For those of you that were really excited about me finally doing a video, I am sorry that my equipment & distaste for hearing and watching myself back in a video clip has spoiled your wishes, and I promise that I will be trying again 🙂

FAQ from readers like you! ❤ Fall Edition

Carla Sharp: What color will be in this fall? Boots or no boots?

1. Well for starters, boots are always in for fall! Try an suede ankle bootie with fringe to mix things up & stay on trend this season…Some of my favorite pairs are pinned below on my Pinterest Board.

SallyCreek: What is your favorite anti-shine powder? What’s the best bargain place to snag some clothes? What is your favorite cocktail?

1. Try this Anti-shine & pore-refining base, it’s my go-to product for anti-shine.

2. I am a huge thrift shopper, but I also fine really great bargains every time I shop at T.J.Maxx! #Maxxinista ❤

3. My favorite cocktail would have to be a Mint Julep or a French 75.

Brianna M: What is your favorite type of clothing & makeup?

1. The best way to explain my favorite type of clothing is for me to tell you that if you opened my closet right now, you would see more skirts (especially in black) than almost all of my other clothing combined!…My name is Larissa & I am a skirt-a-holic!

2. Ulta Brand makeup has found a constant home in my makeup kit, and Milani(find at Walgreens, Walmart, or online at Target,com) is hands down my go to for blush & lip stick ❤

Chelsea M: Where is a good place to shop for plus sized women at a reasonable price?

Torrid has some seriously chic accessories & trendy clothing…I also think Cato has really stepped up their style in the past few years, and it’s hard to beat their prices!

Courtney D: What are some of the hair products you use?

I’m a big believer that any bad hair day can be fixed with an excellent dry shampoo & volume hairspray! Click here for my favorite drugstore dry shampoo & here for hairspray (can also find these goodies at Walgreens or Ulta Beauty).Click here for my favorite Professional dry shampoo & here for hairspray.(Find these in your local Paul Mitchell Salons or Schools!)

Mommy4Pres: What is an easy & quick early morning face routine?

Brush on a shimmer based eye shadow primer(which you can actually wear alone) or brush a light, rose tinted eye shadow on to liven up your face a little…then apply foundation, mascara, and anything else that’s a part of your daily makeup routine…then dab a highlighting liquid on the tops of your cheekbones, & add a quick sweep or two of baked bronzer if you’re tan or darker complected, or a baked blush if you’re lighter skin toned to add depth to your face.

Thank you so much to everyone who entered and submitted questions.  There will definitely be more giveaways to come ❤ Thanks for entering!

And the winner is……

Courtney Dean!

I will be sending you this round up of some of my favorite products & goodies, and I hope you enjoy them! 🙂

Photo by Jordan Brittley Photography

Photo by Jordan Brittley Photography

Thank y’all so much for following, subscribing, liking & sharing my content. Be sure to check back soon, as I’ll be answering the rest of y’alls questions then!

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