Summer Weekend Style Under $75

Hello Lovelies!

Check out these summer steals I managed to find in the past few months, entire look for under $75! 😉

Blue MeshBlue MeshBlue MeshWhen it’s as hot outside as it’s been the past few weeks, the least amount of layers I can wear, the cooler I feel. To make my outfit stand out, I opt for fun statement accessories instead! This fringe bag(similar option) is my summer obsession and I snagged it on sale for $18!!

Blue Mesh

Blue MeshBlue MeshI have never been a flats girl (let alone a casual flats girl!); so coming across these little dazzle darlings was a rare occurrence! Snag a pair for yourself for $25!

P.S. I’ve gotten some great wear out of these & not a single jewel stone has fallen off, so I’m saying these shoes were $25 well spent 😉

Blue Mesh

Blue Mesh

Blue MeshWhen you’ve got thick hair, the last thing you want on a hot summer day is your hair on the back of your neck.


Instead of throwing your hair in a messy pony, try sleeking your hair back into a tight pony on top of your head & wrapping a small chunk of hair around to hide the hair-band. Simple, chic & off your neck!

Blue Mesh

Blue MeshBlue MeshBlue Mesh~LOFT Top $3.88 ~ Ann Taylor Denim Gifted ❤ ~ Target Loafers $24.99 (also like) ~ CATO Bag $17.99 (also like) ~ Rocksbox Earrings $19.00/month* ~

Check out my other posts on bargain shopping, summer favorites to save on, & trends to try this season.

*Don’t forget to use code LARISSABFF24 for a free month of Rocksbox! ❤

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