3 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Wear in the Summer

Hello Lovelies!

It’s come to my attention that there are so many accessories & clothing you can wear year round that aren’t well known, so don’t pack away those “winter” clothing items just yet. (P.S. This means great things for your wallet, since it’ll be that much easier to buy those winter clearance items knowing that you indeed can still wear them this summer without having to store them at the back of your closet till you can wear them next season.

1. Tall Boots

It may be a little biased based on my boot obsession, but despite common belief, you can in fact (& should) still wear tall boots in the summer! To balance out the look & keep cool, try lighter fabrics and minimal accessories.

2. A Trench (Vest)

A staple piece like this can be dressed up with the perfect LBD & classic pearls, bootcut denim & a lacy tee, and a light sweater & shorts in the Summer! My trench vest is by far my favorite piece in my wardrobe…it’s endlessly versatile! Finding a trench vest or jacket that is well tailored & with great details can be a bit of an investment, but with so much versatility wear from season to season, it makes this classic piece a worthy staple. (P.S. I like this trench and this one!)

3. Sweater

It’s a common conversation for me to have in the summer time about how I “must be dying in this heat with a sweater on”…the truth is I’m super comfy and often times these sweaters have cooler fabrics infused in them than just a tank!


The key is finding a loose-knit sweater with light & breathable fabrics like cotton.

~ Ann Taylor Trench ~ Maurices Shorts ~ House of Harlow Necklace ~ Torrid Bag ~ Ann Taylor Sweater ~ Charming Charlie Boots ~ *all items pictured no longer exist online for you to purchase, so I have listed similar options that I love! Happy Shopping!* ~

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