I’m away this week!

cbbHello Lovelies!

I wanted to let y’all know where I am this week in case I don’t reply to a comment, email or message. I will be out of town from July 11th- July 17th, and without a phone or computer for that time. My sweet husband is guest posting for me while I am away, and will be the one responding to you if there is an urgent request or message. I am so excited for this life changing opportunity to go out and serve, and I cannot wait to share the memories I make and the pictures I take. A new post will be out after I return on the 18th! Followers, readers, subscribers, pinners—I love y’all so much! Thank you thank you thank you for all of your support in my dreams and allowing me to keep doing what I love! Chat soon!

Happy Week, Lovelies! ❤

-Larissa of DressPresh

~ If you need to reach me, contact me at dresspresh@yahoo.com and my husband will respond or I will get back to you next week! 🙂 ~

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