10 Wearable Summer Trends (Under $50!)!


Collar in the Lines Navy Blue Striped Shirt Dress at Lulus.com!Pink Shirtdress

1. Shirtdresses

This classic piece is perfect for those days that are so hot that everything you try on feels uncomfortable, but the work day ahead still calls for professional attire. Try a belt and pointed-toe heels from 9-5, then swap it for a rope sash & sandals for the evening. Minimal accessories needed ❤

White Mesh

2. Mesh & Lace

Mesh is my go-to for instant edge! Wear it head to toe with girly accessories or try just a touch in a paneled mesh shell and chic maxi skirt.

Whitewhite dress trend

3. The LWD (Little White Dress)

So you’ve got your LBD game down to an art, but now you need a lighter option for the warm summer day ahead. Belt a colored top over the dress, or wear it as is with simple accessories.DPT

For practical comfort without all the wrinkling, opt for a dress with 15-40% linen!

denimbermuda shorts trend

4. Bermuda Shorts

Finding the just-right length in women’s shorts can seem like an impossible task! The great perk of Bermuda’s is that if you lean on the taller side, you can still wear your favorite cork wedges without your shorts looking too short, and if you are more petite, you can still sport those comfy platform slides without that awkward cut-off that short-shorts tend to have.

glad  trendFA1512425-2640

5. Tall gladiator Sandals

I wasn’t the first to jump in and try this one out, but now I’m wishing I wouldn’t have waited so long to purchase a pair myself! If you’re like me, you may be worried they won’t look right on your wider calves, or that they’ll may make you look shorter! Try monochromatic(head-to-toe in one color, pattern, or within the same shade) dressing, or a pair close to your skin tone.

Grab these black gladiator cuties for 75% off with my sign up!

If you prefer brown, you can have them at 20% off with my sign up!

floppy hatfloppy hat trend

6.The Floppy Hat

I may be a tad bit biased towards hat’s being on trend because I always love a good hat with every outfit, but oversized and suede floppy hat’s are all over the runway this season and I am loving it! Hat’s are always that last-detail that I add to any look to really pull together an outfit. Plus they’re perfect for bad hair days, right? ❤

ear climber trendbanana ear climbe trend

7. Ear Climber

This is such a modern twist on the classic studs! I love the delicate appeal of the brushed gold climbers, and the gaudy edginess of a multi-jeweled statement climber!

P.S. Use my code LARISSABFF24 for a free month of Rocksbox! You will seriously love getting trendy and well made jewels in your mail box every month! ❤

printed pant trendprinted pants trend

8. Patterned Pants

Something this bold can be a common thing you avoid when shopping because they can seem difficult to pair with other items in your closet, they’re too bold for your taste, or you aren’t sure you can rock them at work. I love the versatility that lies with printed pants, and remember that it is ok to mix print on print! 😉


Try a bold floral pant with a navy blazer and nude pumps for work, or a basic tee and a chunky statement necklace with sandals for a lunch date.

fringe dress trendfringe bag trend

9. Fringe

Fringe isn’t exclusive to cowboys or hippies, you can rock fringe all year long and incorporate it into your personal style this Summer! If you’re not sold on the idea, try small touch of fringe with a tasseled scarf. If you’re looking to try a bolder look, make a fringe tote the statement piece to your look and opt for minimalism in the rest of your outfit.

boho top trendboho top trend

10. The Boho Top

I love the embroidery detail in bohemian styled tops, and that you can pair a tasseled blue & white fringe top with a paid of denim and sandals and still look polished! Look for a top with linen or cotton in it so you it will feel light and airy without absorbing a lot of heat.

7 thoughts on “10 Wearable Summer Trends (Under $50!)!

  1. I just bought the cutest boho romper that’s crocheted down the front. It’s definitely my new favorite summer outfit I think!

    Also, I loooove the new layout with the herringbone background 🙂

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