My Two Day Vaca Feat. My Cousins Carolyn & Rachel

I’m breaking away from my usual writing format and style posts to share a snid-bit of my short (but fun) visit with my 2 of cousins this last week! These girls have darling style and share my love of maxi skirts, so enjoy a mix of a bit of my personal life and style in one! Enjoy! ❤

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My fav ginger!

As our hair is somehow morphing together, Carolyn is taking this shot, telling us how beautiful we are and making us laugh. It still amazes me that Rachel is only 16 and has so much going for her! This sweet lady inspires me to love people bigger and more often. Rachel has just about the softest heart I know and instantly fills any room with joy the moment she walks in. If you ever meet her in your lifetime, you should count yourself excessively blessed.

Rachel snapping pics of Carolyn!

Rachel snapping pics of Carolyn!

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This gem turned 18 years old this month. There aren’t many young ladies I know who have such a desire right as they become an adult to follow what the Lord has planned for her, no questions asked. Her Instagram cricket_taylor will lift your spirits any day, and make you laugh as she shares the truth, beauty, goofiness and joy in growing up. Plus she makes her own dresses and let me tell you first hand that they are insanly adorable and I am certain that I need a Carolyn Taylor original hanging in my own closet very soon.

Carolyn in her natural state: smiling and taking pictures <3

Carolyn in her natural state: smiling and taking pictures ❤

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Photo by Carolyn Taylor

On their short visit to MO, my mamma & our grandma took us to MSU’s greenhouse, which of course meant that we needed to smell every flower, ‘ooh & ahh’ over every plant, and take pictures every chance we got.

Like mother Like daughter!

Like mother Like daughter!

My gorgeous mamma! We showed up for lunch both wearing maxi skirts; I love how different our style is but bits & pieces of my style come from my mamma’s sweet & classy taste. ❤

Processed with VSCOcam

Sorry for the low quality photo but it brings me joy when we’re together!

About Us: We’re all a little skirt obsessed! We differ in so many ways (style and personality speaking) but we all share a love of long, flowy cloths, maxi skirts, midi dresses and chiffon tops are our favs! ❤

Thank y’all for allowing me to break from my usual format to share an important part of my life with you! My family means everything to me, and I believe it’s important to pause every once in a while, and share bits of who you are, and the people who make you who you are.

Thanks for reading, Lovelies! ❤



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