Everyday Life in the Brand DressPresh


Photos by Jordan Brittley Photography

1. What’s your go-to morning beverage?

If I’ve got time at home before heading out, a hot apple spice tea with a bit of milk & sugar at my desk with the sunlight seeping in is ideal Iced Teavana® Green Tea Latte, 2 hazelnut, unsweetened, nonfat milk, no whip & easy ice).

Photo by Jordan Brittley Henson

2. What’s is the most challenging thing about blogging?

Trying to pinpoint what a wide variety of my readers are interested in learning,seeing,reading and being inspired by. I have always had a weakness for wanting to please everyone and make no mistakes. I’m coming to realize that it’s okay to mess up sometimes, and that you can never please everyone all the time. It’s important to dream big and people will be excited when I am excited about what I’m doing

Photo by Jordan Brittley Photography

Photo by Jordan Brittley Henson

3. How do you pick out an outfit everyday?

I’d like to tell you that I start out every day like the one before, having plenty of time and a well-planned outfit, and that is just not always the case! When I do prioritize my time well, the night before I think of what my day will look like and what attire is appropriate and fun for it!

  • I start with my wow piece! That’s my fun new scarf, polka dot denim, my chunky layered necklace, or my bright red pumps!
  • This is sort of an odd one, but the way I style my hair for the day sort of sets the mood for my outfit!
  • Pair my wow item with a basic but good one.
  • Choose my accessories; midi rings, a gold arm cuff & blush pink pearls are my favorite effortless go-to’s.
  •  Grab a quick change of clothes if I’m heading to multiple different places thoughout the day( I like to keep this part simple by wearing something that I can easily throw on a blazer and some pearls for a dressier look, or a change of sandals and hat for something more casual-it’s as easy as that!)
  • Throw on my pumps(let’s face it, how often am I really not wearing heels? lol), swipe on some gloss and head out the door!

Photo by Jordan Brittley Photography

Photo by Jordan Brittley Photography

Photo by Jordan Brittley Photography

4. What has been your favorite project since you started blogging?

A combination of 3 actually! Working with a talented photographer and a dear friend of mine Jordan Henson is always a day filled with lots of fun, new experiences, great advice and some incredible photos. A chilly Saturday evening with Jordan and 2 new friends from Virginia(say hello to the empowering women that are Megan Kelsey Marcus  & Meredith Sledge) was super successful and lots of fun(not to mention it was about 20 degrees, but we kept smiling! ) We all ended up with 3 fashion stories, lots of inspiration and best of all-new friends! 🙂

5. What is your favorite brand to wear?

My favorite brand to wear is no secret- Ann Taylor. 2 years ago I assumed what most girls my age do about women’s store’s they have never been in to- that it was an old lady, boring store. The day I went in for my interview I was completely wowed with how on trend, fresh, off-the-runway, bright and beautiful the store and clothing was! It may seem byased for me to be in love with Ann’s clothing, but if I weren’t working there one day(scary thought!) I would still have a closet full of Ann

Photo by Jordan Brittley Photography

6. How would you describe your personal style?

Photo by Jordan Brittley Photography

Photo by Jordan Brittley Photography

My personal style has evolved… a lot over the years! I have finally moved into a style that truly feels like me, without feeling boring and always pushing the limits for something new!

I would describe my style as preppy equestrian in the Fall-Winter (plaid, riding boots, button downs, pea coats & brown pumps), to sweet and edgy in the Spring-Summer (mesh jackets, girly florals, flowy midi skirts, pastels, and leather heels). I love sporting a style that is unexpected, fresh and fun to wear! Wearing something ultra girly like pink and florals, and then throwing in an edgy cut out skirt with leather accessories is my go-to fav! ❤

7. What brand/company would you want to work with/for, or collaborate with one day?

I have always been fascinated with the marketing and fashion shows with H&M. They have risen to the top in a market that involves some serious competition and incredibly talented, creative people. There are millions of people demanding fast, inexpensive, trendy clothing, and also millions that expect well made, high fashion couture lines. H&M has somehow increased their target audience to more than just one type! You can find cute, fashionable pieces at an affordable cost, not to mention their Premium Quality Products if you’re looking for higher quality on a bigger budget! To be a part of their fashion shows would be monumental, and I would love to be involved one day!


If I could work for anyone, it would be Lauren Conrad. Talk about a multitalented, inspiring, fashionable woman! She has taken a classic, elegant view of women and combined it with modern, beautiful, feminine style! Her blog is my weakness, and have you seen her latest Cinderella Collection at Khols? My heart skipped a beat!


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Photos by Jordan Brittley Henson.

For more of this interview and amazing photos, check out her blog! ❤

Outfit Details:

Jacket, Skirt, Scarf, Gold Bangle & Charm Bracelet: Ann Taylor

White Bangles: Aldo

Midi Rings: Tilly’s

Top: Forever 21

Pumps & Tote: Payless ShoeSource

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