Buying Style that Lasts: the Truth about buying on a whim, what’s on trend, and what you’ll really wear.

I believe that in most cases, less is more. That being said, have you noticed that 5/6 of the pieces I am sporting here have already been featured in different outfits? So many magazines and fashion influencers push to buy more, to buy this & that because it’s on trend, and that you can never have too much. I say it should be different. I have gone through my phases of buying a crop top or a funky heel because it’s what’s on the runway, it’s hot right now, and let me tell you that those impulse buys and cheap junior items I purchased that I thought to be great ideas at the moment are items that no longer hang in my closet and all are things that I later regretted buying.

Here’s the point: It’s ok to buy something because it’s on trend, it’s ok to buy something that is contrary to what you normally wear, it’s ok to change your mind once you’ve taken it home, tried it on with your own clothes, & wondered what you were thinking. This shouldn’t be a consistent recurring shopping pattern.

So: Every once in a while- buy on a whim that pair of metallic flatforms you’ve been eyeing, and also think through why you are buying that black pencil skirt when you already own 4 other black skirts. It’s important to enjoy shopping & buy things just for fun every once in a while, but it’s also important to get an idea of what pieces are essential to your wardrobe and to look for and purchase long-term items that will carry you for years.
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These 5 items are items that carry me through all 4 seasons, that I can dress up for a banquet downtown, or wrinkle-free pieces that I can toss into my luggage for a weekend away, pieces that I can wear from work to date night, pieces that I can wear though trends because they are modern and classic.

A scarf that is extra long or wide (blanket scarf) is your best bet for something you can wrap and layer up in the winter and also lay it loose around your neck in the warmer weather days.


Find a scarf that feels light and is an airy and comfortable fabric like cotton or even a cotton blend so it won’t be too warm to wear in the summer!

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The Skirt: When looking for a neutral skirt that you can wear season-to-season, opt for a darker khaki, pale camel, or light navy instead of the traditional black, white or brown neutrals.

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Challenge: Go through your closet and toss out EVERYTHING you haven’t worn in the past 2 months. (if it is seasonal but you still wear it, it’s time to fold and store so you have plenty of room for those new spring pieces! <3) If there are any rips, stains, pulls, missing parts, etc that can’t be fixed, restored, or repurposed, toss it in the trash or if it’s still decent, donate it! DON’T tell yourself that you’ll “wear it eventually”; if you haven’t worn an in-season item in months, it’s time to part ways!

Conclusion: Now that you’ve rid your closet of any unworn, useless, age-inappropriate, or damaged clothes, it’s time for the fun part- Spring Wardrobe Shopping! Head over to my Smart Tips to Upgrade your Spring Style post for tips on the fabrics to look for this season, what’s on trend, and outfits to inspire your new look.

Happy Spring Shopping! ❤

My Outfit Details:

Blouse: LOFT

Scarf: Ann Taylor

Skirt: LOFT

Earrings & Sandals: Payless ShoeSource

Lips: Red Label by Milani

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